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Pelleted Pine Cat Litter

Pelleted Pine Cat Litter

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Product Highlights:

  • 100% All-Natural Pelleted Pine
  • Triple Screened to remove dust 
  • Low tracking 
  • Eco-Friendly: Recyclable and Compostable
  • Heat-Treated

We recommend this product for:

Our pelleted cat litter is perfect for all cats, from babies to seniors.

Paragraph Highlights:

We love cats. So we decided to add some of the most purrfect kitty products to our line… starting with our Pelleted Pine Cat litter. (You’re gonna wanna read more.) 

This stuff is the crème de la crème… the best cat litter you’re gonna find. 100% all-natural pelleted pine, each small batch is totally screened by hand (triple screened, actually… we value quality), ensuring a super low-dust and high-quality product for your pretty kitty.

When we were in the process of developing this cat litter, one of our biggest concerns (after animal safety, of course) was smell. The natural pine scent aids in odor control without introducing harmful additives. We all know how stinky cats can be. And producing a high density cat litter pellet was a huge goal for us, because higher density = better absorption. Better absorption = less stink. Less stink = happier you. Happier you = happier cat.

These cat litter pellets offer easy spot cleanup, saving you time and saving you money. We always say no to chemicals, fillers or yucky additives. 

Heat-treated, you wonder? You betcha. Our pelleted cat litter is free of the toxins associated with wood stove pellets. Worried about phenols? Please don’t. None in this stuff.

Take the plunge from clumping clay litter to pine pellets. No more tracking, easy to clean, and your cat (or multiple cats if you’re so lucky) is gonna love it. The best of all worlds.


100% sustainable virgin pine

Sourcing Location:

Virginia, North Carolina, Tennesse

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a dry place.

Dimensions and Weights: 

Weight:  20lb., 40lb.

Competitor Comparison:

We offer a low-dust, eco-friendly pine pelleted cat litter. Higher density pellets lead to higher absorption versus other brands. Tired of your cats tracking litter all over the place? Switch to these. 

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